Carol Gartland-Bateman

Preparing to sell this Spring!

Ready set, Its Spring, Sell My house!

Finally, February is over and though March seems like its coming in like a lion, Spring will soon be here. Its time to start preparing your home now to put on the market when the snow piles have become spring flowers. Remember that curb appeal is big part of a buyers decision to take a closer look at your house. Dont be the homeowner who says get them in the door and Ill sell the home. As an agent it is hard to tell a seller, the buyers wouldnt come in because they were turned off as soon as they drove up and saw the yard, the peeling paint and broken light at the front door. To get started:

  • Make sure all of winter debris, broken branches, last years fertilizer bags, yard tools etc., are all picked up and put away
  • Soon as it is warm enough plant some colorful flowers, or if gardening isnt in the works, some flowering pots strategically placed to brighten, welcome and draw the eye to your front door!
  • The door, its the first contact, make sure it is in good repair. No flaking paint, loose door knobs or lights that arent working. Painting a contrasting yet complementary color makes the house more attractive! Remember, some buyers drive through the neighborhood before they even call a Realtor so you want them to be interested at first sight!

If the goal is to move, you'll want to stage your home, which is more important than ever. Youll have to pack everything up, so why wait If clean, neat and spacious, buyers can more easily picture themselves and their belongings in the house. Piles of clutter, clothes stacked on the chairs, lots of personal photos, grandkids toys scattered around, many buyers cannot see past this and just move onto the next house. Clutter also makes homes appear too small, buyers think, if their stuff doesnt fit, how will mine?


So start now while the snow is still up to the windows, pack up the Christmas decorations, the National Geographics youve been saving for years, the extra sets of dishes, pots and pans etc. Pack up and store neatly in boxes clearly labeled (saves time for unpacking and shows buyers you are ready to sell) freeing up the closets and corners of the room so the buyers can see the house, after all, thatis what they came to see and Buy! Get the inside done now and when the weather gets nice you can be outside enjoying it! Till the next timethink spring, and where youll be spending next winter when youve sold the house!


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